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Shareholder Info

Volume increasing of the capital stock

By General meetings of shareholders' of OJSC "RODOVID BANK", that took place on March, 31, 2007, was accepted a decision (protocol 1 from 31.03.07) about the volume increase of the capital stock on 85 000 000 UAH by the additional thirteenth emission of simple nominal shares of existent par value 1000 UAH each. In obedience to the decision of stock of bank spread by the closed (private) placing, placing closed in future, among persons, which will be the shareholders of OAO "RODOVID BANK" being on on June, 01, 2007.

Form of existence of stocks - documentary.
The stock volume - 85 000 (eighty five thousands) items, a total nominal worth of stocks - 85 000 000 (eighty five millions) hryvnas,
the cost of placing - 7300 (seven thousands three hundred) hryvnas

Correlation of amount of stocks which are placing, to the amount of stocks of the registered capital stock of bank 24, 29 %.

A bank will not use services of salesman of valuable papers and will carry out the closed placing of stocks in two stages.

  • Term of conducting of the first stage: since June, 01, 2007 till June, 17, 2007 (inclusive) - an overwhelming right for shareholders will be realized on acquisition of stocks which are produced additionally, in an amount, to their pro-rate in the capital stock upon the date of begining of the first stage.

  • Term of conducting of the second stage: since June, 18 2007 till June, 20, 2007 (inclusive) - a right for shareholders will be realized on acquisition of stocks, which are not realized in the flow of term of the first stage in an amount, which exceeds the amount of stocks, on which a shareholder realized the overwhelming right.

The receipt of statements of shareholders by Bank about their waiver of realization of the overwhelming right on acquisition of stocks is not foreseen. If during the first stage a shareholder did not appeal to Bank with a statement about acquisition of stocks, it means that such shareholder has refused from the use of the overwhelming right on acquisition of stocks which take a place additionally. Statement about acquisition of stocks which acted to beginning of term of the closed placing of stocks, not examined.

Shareholders must carry out payment of stocks due to the personal funds. A shareholder must bring in 100% costs of stocks (at price of their placing) in time, certain the agreement of purchase-sale of stocks, which must be not later, than on June, 20, 2007.

Not later 5 workings days after acceptance by the General meetings of shareholders' of Bank the decision about the increase of the capital stock, the personal reports are sent to shareholders about the accepted decisions. In addition, a report is also printed in official printing edition of the State commission on valuable papers and fund market not later 15 workings days to the date of beginning of term of realization of the overwhelming right shareholders on acquisition of stocks which are foreseen to placing.

Placing is carried out at the address: Kiev, 17, P.Sagaydachnogo street.
A purpose of placing - expansion and bank market services development, borrowed capital, market of investments, increase of active operations market.

The Chairman of RODOVID BANK
Gorbunenko Denys Volodymirovych

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Mr. Zhelikhovkiy Vyacheslav has resign from his position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC "RODOVID BANK" on his own accord
According to the RODOVID BANK's Temporary Administrator order #306 as of 22.07.2011 year, mr. Zhelikhovskiy Vyacheslav has resign from his position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC "RODOVID BANK" on his own accord
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